Mindfulness for Stress Course November 2017

"Less chaos...more order...calm"

"Ability to deal more with day to day irritations"

"Improved sleep and lower blood pressure"

"Fantastic teacher and facilitator"

"Appreciating what is important in life"

"Louise is non-judgemental, kind and encouraging"

"I feel calmer and better able to cope"

"Permission to take a break"

"Louise created a relaxed and trusting atmosphere, she listened to each and every person, there was no sense of being right or wrong"

"I would not hesitate to recommend Louise to other people interested in mindfulness"

Mindfulness for Health Course May 2018

"A new approach and calmness to my life."

"Lots of new strategies and viewpoints"

"Louise is a fantastic teacher, she explains everything in a way that is easy to understand"

"She has a gentle, friendly and approachable manner"

"A breathing space in my life"

"Calm awareness that helps me"

"Louise is an empathic and compassionate teacher"

"Introduced me to the 'pacing diary' which I believe will be very useful"

"Louise is a wonderful teacher, pleasant, professional and certainly knows her stuff!"

"I feel that the course has changed my attitudes to life"

"I feel the benefit in my body and mind"

"Louise is an excellent teacher...I couldn't have asked for anyone better"

Mindfulness for Stress Course July 2018

"Strategies for remaining calm in stressful situations"

"Louise is incredibly attentive and cares for people on the course"

"An ability to cope with living an extremely busy life whilst being constantly in pain"

"Louise delivered an exceptionally high quality, concise and clearly understandable course...thank you for making such a difference to my future"

"Louise has been hugely informative and compassionate during this course. Her scientific explanations have added value and meaning to the principles"

"She allowed us to feel safe and share concerns, experiences and achievements"

"I feel that I can deal with situations that are out of my control much easier"

"It has opened my mind to a completely different way of living my life"

"I would strongly recommend the course!"

"It has helped me relax and not feel as anxious"

"A toolkit to assist me in finding some sense of objectivity in being aware of feelings and emotions"

"Excellent throughout...responsive to the group at all times...I would strongly recommend anyone to attend Louise's courses"

St Teresa's School June 2018

"Both staff and children loved the day, we will most definitely be repeating it.  Thank you for sharing your time and expertise, I think the staff would love you there all the time!"