When is Mindfulness not recommended?

A mindfulness course open to the general public may not be suitable in certain circumstances.

- recent bereavement or previous major life trauma

The feelings associated with grief or other major life events can be raw and intense. It is often better to take time to allow yourself to adjust and for some of the feelings  to settle before starting a Mindfulness course. 

Mindfulness is a serious practice please seek my guidance if you have experienced trauma in the past.

Please get in touch in confidence  to discuss your individual situation before booking if you are unsure about being ready.

- severe social anxiety that would make a group situation too difficult

Our group sizes for the 8 session courses are usually a maximum of 10 people.

If the group setting is a concern for you, I can provide one-to-one teaching.

- current or very recent acute mental illness

This includes severe depression, severe anxiety/panic disorder, bipolar disorder, psychosis, PTSD, self harm or suicidal thoughts. If you are suffering from, or have recently suffered from, any of these conditions you may need a more specialised group. Please ask my advice if you aren't sure.

If you are currently experiencing thoughts of self harm or suicide please reach out and speak to someone now.

You can contact the Samaritans 24 hours a day for free by telephone or email.

Staying safe from suicidal thoughts is possible with the right support please follow this link


- current substance misuse/addiction to drugs and/or alcohol

Although mindfulness can be helpful in managing addiction and in relapse prevention, this is usually done in conjunction with other management by a specialist Drugs and Alcohol Team.

Please contact me if you need any more information before applying for a course

The advice above is general, if you are not sure how it applies to your individual situation please contact me in confidence for further advice.

It is also worth noting that mindfulness is a serious practice  during the course you may face, with greater clarity, emotional issues that you would normally prefer to avoid and this can be difficult, you will be supported and given guidance through the course and beyond with regard to this.